.oO.A Song Of Nerds.Oo.

.oO.A Song Of Nerds.Oo.

martedì 24 febbraio 2015

I present to you: Solseit!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am proud to introduce this blog to you: A Song of Nerds.
This is going to be a two voices blog in which Yeonlang and myself will try to post as much as we can about our nerdy passions and, from time to time, provide with the same story from different angles! Such as in this case: we are proud to inform you about the origins of this blog!

It all started a long time ago…
with World of Warcraft. I was long on the Timeless Island and a gentleman saved my character from certain death. I spent some time chatting with this gentleman who turned out to be the guild master of my guild, made of funny and social players, “I Cavalieri dell’Alba” (the “Knights of Alba”, where Alba stands for a little town in the north of Italy, one of the places where Nutella is made!).
Long story short, I started raiding in the guild, despite being a terrible player. More or less at the same time, Yeonlang started playing in the guild and, although we never really introduced each other, we would actually spend plenty of time online and on team speak. Being the only two girls in the guild at the time – and raiding – we started helping each other and “fighting” the guys back together.
Despite all of this, we still did not know enough about each other. Then mayhem happened: someone decided to start a Whatsapp group of the players. The perfect way to describe the group is the word spam. But in all that spam Yeonlang and myself started understanding more and more we had common interests, starting with My Little Ponies. That is when we started to bond more and more and we ended up thinking this would be a nice project to start!

As for myself…
well, I am a grown woman who just in recent years discovered she is a nerd. It is a new and exciting world and I feel like sharing more and more with the rest of the world about everything that I discover in a nerdy realm, starting from books, comics, tv-shows, movies and World of Warcraft! 

I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as Yeonlang and myself do!

Truly yours,

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